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Temporary Moldable False Tooth

Temporary Moldable False Tooth

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Temporary Moldable False Tooth

Temporary Moldable False Tooth

Regular price $30.56
Regular price $30.56 Sale price $58.14
SAVE 47% Sold out

Witness the Overflowing Happiness in the Testimonials of  Users!

Lorraine Houston, USA
I was in a very urgent situation because I had an event coming up and a front tooth was missing, leaving a noticeable gap. So I immediately ordered the Thermoformable Teething Gel to temporarily replace a tooth and it saved my life! I love the texture and the quick and easy molding process. Not only did the teething fit seamlessly to fill the gap, but it also felt very comfortable throughout the event. It was almost indistinguishable from my natural tooth. I was able to smile, eat, and socialize without any restrictions. Thank you for such a great product!

Erwan chomsky, UK
My experience with denture modification using the Temporary Denture has changed my life. Dealing with ill-fitting dentures has always been uncomfortable and embarrassing, but this temporary filling has helped me a lot! The thermoforming process allows me to customize the denture to perfectly fit the contours of my mouth, allowing for an all-day fit. I no longer have to worry about my dentures slipping or causing irritation. This moldable denture has now become an essential tool in my daily life,

How do Temporary Dentures work?

Using the moldable polymer plastic beads included in the Temporary Moldable Dentures, you can quickly and easily mold realistic teeth or crowns. These high-quality, non-toxic, FDA-approved beads are very strong

Developed as a quick, easy and affordable temporary tooth replacement solution in response to expensive and time-consuming alternatives, Temporary Moldable Dentures are a natural-looking denture that no one will doubt. Our kits are a great DIY option before visiting the dentist or getting dental implants.

Easy and practical You can repair damaged teeth, wide gaps, crooked teeth and missing teeth at home, saving time and money. You must read the instructions on the package carefully; with a little experience, you will get a good temporary tooth.

What is special about temporary moldable dentures?

FREE DENTAL TOOLS - No expensive dental tools are needed to repair and shape your replacement teeth.
MULTIPLE USES - Can be used to replace any single missing tooth, upper or lower, as long as there is a tooth on either side of the missing tooth. Filling gaps is what we do best.
DIY - Make your own dental products. Using proprietary materials and following our patented instructions, you will be able to handcraft beautiful temporary teeth.


1. Melt the tooth beads into hot water to stir (put about15 pieces of beads)
Remove the glue when it is clear and let it cool forabout 5 seconds
3. Put the melted beads on the tooth and repair it intothe shape you want
4. Install on the bad teeth needed to repair after coolingand accelerated by cold water

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