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🔥Last Day Promotion off🔥 100% Honduras Pure Batana Oil

🔥Last Day Promotion off🔥 100% Honduras Pure Batana Oil

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🔥Last Day Promotion off🔥 100% Honduras Pure Batana Oil

🔥Last Day Promotion off🔥 100% Honduras Pure Batana Oil

Regular price $38.51
Regular price $38.51 Sale price $59.36
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The ultimate natural solution for thicker, healthier,faster growing hair!

Discover 100% extracted from the fruits of the Honduras oil palm tree.This oil quickly revitalizes damaged hair.

What is Batana Oil?

Batana Oil is a luxurious, nutrient-dense oil extracted from the nuts of the South American Palm Tree, specifically found in the pristine rainforests of Honduras. This region's unique climate and soil conditions contribute to the purity and potency of Batana Oil, making it a superior ingredient for hair care.

Revered for centuries by indigenous communities, Batana Oil is known for its remarkable ability to fortify and nurture hair, promoting not only its health but also its beauty.

Real-life examples, excellent results


99% of customers experience effective relief from hair loss symptoms after use.


97% of customers feel softness and hydration immediately after use.


93% of customers report thicker, longer hair with continued use 6 months.

According to feedback from 1002 consumers who used at least 8 bottles of Natural Batana Oil in 6 months.

The Unique Advantages of Batana Oil

Suitable for all hair types

Batana oil with its lightweight andfast-absorbing properties is suitable for all types of hair including dry,damaged, chemically treated as well as natural hair types, ensuring safety and energy efficiency.

100% Pure and Natural

Our Pure Organic Patagonian Oil is free of additives and enriched with essential vitamins to provide natural nourishment and deep moisturization to prevent hair dryness.

Easy to use

Appropriate amount into the scalp for 3-5 minutes. Use as part of your hair care routine to strengthen, nourish and moisturize hair.

Reduce Breakage

NEGUSY™ Natural Batana Oil penetrates deep into the hair core, delivering comprehensive nourishment that enhances strength and elasticity. This powerful oil repairs damaged hair structures, replenishing moisture and vital nutrients to significantly reduce breakage with long-term use.

Strengthen Resilience

Our unique formula deeply moisturizes the roots, providing ample nutrition and hydration. This significantly enhances the strength and elasticity of each hair strand, fortifying hair structure, and making it more robust and less prone to breakage.

Promote Growth

NEGUSY™ Natural Batana Oil’s distinctive formula penetrates the scalp, activating follicles and supplying essential nutrients. This boosts follicle vitality, improves scalp blood circulation, and ensures follicles receive the oxygen and nutrients they need.

Key Ingredients

Breathe Freely with Nature's Remedies: Harnessing the Healing Benefits of Herbal Ingredients for Hair Health

spanish_rosemary_oil Spanish Rosemary Oil With its stimulating properties, effectively promotes hair growth and improves scalp circulation, aiding those prone to thinning hair.

pure 100% Pure Batana Oil A centuries-old remedy for hair health, with nourishing properties that fortify hair and reduce breakage. Its deep conditioning effects leave hair soft and manageable.

How Batana Oil Works

Pure Batana Oil revitalizes your hair through a scientifically proven process that deeply penetrates the scalp and hair shafts, delivering vital nutrients directly to the hair follicles. The unique formula stimulates dormant hair follicles, enhancing microcirculation in the scalp and promoting robust hair growth. Its exceptional moisturizing properties maintain optimal hydration levels, preventing dryness and frizz, while restoring natural shine and luster.

Regular use creates a long-lasting protective layer around each strand, safeguarding against damage from heat styling, UV rays, and pollution.