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100% Pure Batana Oil & Rosemary Oil

100% Pure Batana Oil & Rosemary Oil

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✅ Stimulates hair follicles for growth

✅ Improves thinning hair

✅ Nourishes and detoxifies scalp

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100% Pure Batana Oil & Rosemary Oil

100% Pure Batana Oil & Rosemary Oil

Regular price $18.58
Regular price $18.58 Sale price $33.53
SAVE 44% Sold out

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The Basics


Product Description

Our 100% Unrefined Batana Oil originates from Honduras. Derived from the nut of the South American Palm Tree, Batana Oil is a nutrient-dense butter that has been utilized for centuries by the indigenous communities in the region to fortify and nurture hair.

For daily use, apply Batana Oil to the hair and scalp as a moisturizing agent. Its optimal use involves employing it as an oil for deep conditioning. Simply warm 2-3 drops of the serum in the palm of your hand, gently massage it onto the scalp and/or hair and let the serum sit overnight or a minimum of 30 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly. Subsequently, rinse with warm water, shampoo, and condition as usual.



✅ Stimulates hair follicles

✅ Strengthen hair roots

✅ Promote hair growth and thickness

✅ Soften & soothes hair

✅ Treat dry scalp


Key Ingredients

Our serum has only essential ingredients for promoting healthy, natural hair growth.

🌿 Spanish Rosemary Oil

🌰 100% Pure Batana Oil


Batana Oil is Good For

  • Dry scalps
  • Anyone who experiences excessive shedding, or thin hair
  • If you have oil buildup or use a lot of product consistently
  • People who wear tight hair styles
  • People looking for a healthy, natural scalp care routine
  • Also note that it is safe if you have extensions




The results are in

In an 8-week consumer study of 36 men and women using Keyoma's Batana Oil, users said that:


Said their scalps felt refreshed and nourished after use


Said the serum soothes, cools and calms their roots


Said their scalp feels clean after use


Stimulates & Strengthens Hair Roots and Follicles

Keoma's pure batana oil and rosemary oil is crafted using elements that foster a nourishing and pristine scalp environment, supporting the natural growth cycle of your hair. This serum aids in enhancing the look of hair thinning by leveraging potent ingredients such as batana oil encouraging a fuller and more vibrant hair appearance. Furthermore, the inclusion of Rosemary Leaf Extract fortifyies the hair, giving it a visibly stronger look.

  • Use 1-2 full droppers of product.

  • Thoroughly massage into roots of your scalp.

  • After 5-20 minutes, rinse from your hair completely.